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Chikungunya Update: Experimental Vaccine

For months, ICC has been updating supporters about chikungunya, the mosquito-borne virus that has infected more than a half million people in the Western Hemisphere this year. The island of Hispaniola has been hit especially hard. Thousands of Haitians and Dominicans have fallen ill with chikungunya, experiencing the extreme join pain, high fever, headache and nausea that accompanies the virus. Read more »

Ottawa River Cruise Aboard the J Taillefer I

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, the International Child Care Ottawa Chapter is hosting the 12th edition of their charity boat cruise on the Ottawa River.  Funds raised will help support programs in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic. Read more »

International Youth Day

Today is International Youth Day. International Youth Day began in 1999 as a way to commemorate the power and strength of young people around the globe. The 2014 theme is "Youth and Mental Health" under the slogan Mental Health Matters. Read more »