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Testimonials of Transformation

"Fok ou aprann pou w konprann," meaning, One must learn to understand. This Haitian proverb is the essence of ICC's Mission Education Encounter Team (MEET). We believe that the first step toward change is understanding, which can only be achieved by witnessing the mission of ICC first hand in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Read more »

ICC in the News

ICC U.S. National Director Keith Mumma is featured in the December 2014 edition of Encore Magazine. The article, "New Views of Haiti" written by Robert M. Weir, explores Mumma's unique perception of Haiti and his journey from corporate photographer to ICC National Director. Read more »

Third Annual Hunt for Grace

Twenty-five hunters participated in the third annual Hunt for Grace earlier this month at the High Brass Hunting Preserve in Grant, OK. On two separate weekends, participates took part in a full day of all inclusive hunts for quail, pheasant, and chukar. They raised a total of $13,950 for children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic! Thank you to everyone who participated and donated money! Read more »