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Empowering Women in Haiti and the DR

Did you know that women account for 70% of the world’s population living in extreme poverty? Gender inequalities decline as economies prosper, meaning that developing countries foster the highest rate of mistreatment towards women.  From its onset, International Child Care (ICC) has taken a stand, and made female empowerment a key priority. Read more »

Racing For Grace and Solidarity

Dr. Jeannine Hatt has graciously served on the International Child Care (ICC) Board for 14 years. Her husband, Dr. Charles Phelps, has supported ICC alongside her, serving as an affiliate of the organization. For eight of these years (becoming nine next month) Hatt and Phelps have participated as members of the Race for Grace cycling team. Read more »

ICC Prays for Haiti and Dominican Republic

Dear ICC supporters, Many of you may be following the current controversy surrounding Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Given ICC's close relationship with both countries, we wanted to address the present circumstances. First, let us provide context to those who may be unfamiliar with the current events. Read more »