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Pitter Patter of Rain: Views from a Global Justice Volunteer

There were four chairs bunched together in a scattered row. Two were old, metal chairs and the others were tiny plastic chairs made for children. Each seat faced the open door of the inaptient ward at Grace Children's Hospital, and each secured a different vantage point to peer outside. Read more »

Jeannine Hatt Race for Grace Rider

Meet the Race for Grace Team: Jeannine Hatt

Jeannine Hatt has been riding and raising funds for Race for Grace for the last ten years since it started—in fact, she’s part of the reason it exists! “It has made both Chuck and I improve our fitness level and made us healthier. I raise support to help improve the health of children while improving my own health.” Read more »

Antoine Innocent at Grace Children's Hospital

Meet Antoine Innocent: Grace’s Newest Family Member

Now a year old, Antoine loves to play with the other children in the inpatient ward and emulates the games Legis and Reginald are playing. He adores being held and flying in the air like an airplane when he can convince someone to pick him up and spin. He’s got big, beautiful, curious eyes and loves to make friends. Read more »